The Startup Pad



Nothing is more exciting than new business! At Collabortank, teams will have the opportunity to occupy dedicated office spaces as well as participating in the mentorship and collaborative programs. Startups are key in creating jobs, ensuring the economic growth and success of the region, and are an invaluable resource to the community. By putting them in contact with other entrepreneurs and filling gaps in existing business plans, ideas can grow to become successful businesses.




There are other individuals and teams that are experiencing the same roadblocks, the same frustrations, and the same challenges as you–and they are not giving up. Every startup has the same dream of success, and having the support of one another bolsters us all through those tough times. Collabortank brings together the three key elements–resources, education, and collaboration–to ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to arrive at their bigger future.


  • The Tank

    Solo-entrepreneur Collaborative Workspace.

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  • The Learning Lab

    Educational Based Programming.

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  • The Startup Pad

    Dedicated Space for Startup Acceleration.

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