The Tank



The Tank is a collaborative office space for solo-entrepreneurs that will create profitable opportunities by encouraging participants to work in collaboration with one another. Members create products that are not only marketable, but that will be the foundation for new business.


We know that collaboration, team building, and creative community are the key toward building successful ventures. At Collabortank you will find that you can create the workspace you want, when you want it, and have access to an ever growing network and community.




Making new connections can be incredibly time-consuming–and even if you can find the time, where do you begin? Jumping in is admirable, but it can leave a lot to chance. At Collabortank we curate mentors, professionals, curriculum, and partnerships and we provide all of these resources to participants in The Tank to facilitate taking the next step toward a bigger future.  We know that nothing is more important than the network of people that surround you, and so we strive to grow our network so that we can in turn grow yours.


  • The Tank

    Solo-entrepreneur Collaborative Workspace.

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  • The Learning Lab

    Educational Based Programming.

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  • The Startup Pad

    Dedicated Space for Startup Acceleration.

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