The Learning Lab



Collabortank partners with world class marketing experts at Prodromos Marketing to bring forerunners in the tech startup industry to the Valley for coaching and mentorship programs. Prodromos Marketing has also developed a curriculum that is founded upon Silicon Valley Best Practices that will guide entrepreneurs toward success through continued education and structured training. Part of the learning lab is also fostering education within our community and giving students in the area the tools to become the problem solvers that, not only Boise needs, but our nation needs in its future. By organizing high-energy camps and events we will bring these educational opportunities to The Valley.




Upon first entering the program, we sit down with every entrepreneur and venture and tailor their educational experience to fit with where they are on their entrepreneurial or startup path. Some people need to start from the very beginning, while others only need support in a few key areas to take them through some roadblocks. All materials will be available on an “as need” basis. We want our members to be getting in the networking, creating, and collaborating more than we want them to be sifting through mandatory material that is irrelevant to them.


  • The Tank

    Solo-entrepreneur Collaborative Workspace.

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  • The Learning Lab

    Educational Based Programming.

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  • The Startup Pad

    Dedicated Space for Startup Acceleration.

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