PRESS RELEASE: Kick Boise Kicks Off at Collabortank in The Boise Hub

Brand new entrepreneurial education program is accepting applications

September 8, 2015 (Boise, ID) — For enthusiastic entrepreneurs with ideas and determination to succeed, this is one “kick” they can get excited about.

Kick Boise is an entrepreneurial education program that aims to help entrepreneurs through the difficult early stages and onto the path of sustainable profitability.

The program, which require a commitment to twice weekly sessions over a six-week period, pushes participants through the process of moving their ideas into reality. Participants can be impact, lifestyle, or social entrepreneurs planning startups using a profit, nonprofit, or hybrid model.

Kick Boise director and founder of Collabortank, Philip D. Bennett, is known for helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. He has been dishing out insight and spurring startups into action since he started his own entrepreneurial journey in 2004. And, as his growing band of followers is happy to attest to, it’s advice that works—customized, action-driven, results-oriented.

Helping fledgling startups find their path to freedom is something Bennett sees Boise supporting.

“Boise continues to embrace entrepreneurship and the energy and innovation that comes from the startup environment,” says Bennett. “Our community has been supportive of our efforts and we continue to look forward to integrating more community involvement with our efforts to make Boise a thriving ecosystem for local entrepreneurs.”

The challenges entrepreneurs face getting their businesses off the ground is something that Bennett has a lot of experience with. In fact, the launch of Kick comes on the heels of the launch of Bennett’s brain child and local incubator, Collabortank, which will take place on September 15th. Additionally he is the founder and CEO of Prodromos Marketing, has launched 3 client acquisition brands, and has been at the helm of several successful service industry startups for the past 13 years.

“My strategy is to help entrepreneurs overcome their challenges through sharing my personal experience, and by offering solutions to overcome roadblocks of complexity to get back on their path to freedom,” says Bennett.

For more information, contact Philip Bennett at or 208.321.1200