StopTuitionHikes to Call the Boise Hub Its Home

The coalition has moved into the Boise Hub as part of its continuing efforts to enact a ballot initiative that would cut Idaho tuition by 22 percent. The group’s proposal is known as “The College, Not Cancer Act,” and its purpose is to stop subsidizing tobacco products and reallocate the funds to lowering the cost […]

Innovative Travel Company Tringling Moves into the Boise Hub

Mindy Ngo of Tringling working with director of Kick Incubator Philip Bennett to bring new social app to market. Entrepreneur Mindy Ngo has moved her business into the Boise Hub and joined forces with local startup community Collabortank. The move comes at a time when Tringling is looking to raise funds through Indiegogo to help […]

PRESS RELEASE: Kick Boise Kicks Off at Collabortank in The Boise Hub

Brand new entrepreneurial education program is accepting applications September 8, 2015 (Boise, ID) — For enthusiastic entrepreneurs with ideas and determination to succeed, this is one “kick” they can get excited about. Kick Boise is an entrepreneurial education program that aims to help entrepreneurs through the difficult early stages and onto the path of sustainable […]

Announcing our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting!

Click image to go to our eventbrite page! This has been a long journey for us, here at the Collabortank headquarters. And we are so pleased to finally announce our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting to be held at 4:30 PM on September 15th. We would like to invite all members of the Boise Business […]

Philip Bennett, founder of Collabortank, will be speaking at Code Camp 2015!

One of the most wonderful things about being in Boise is the community that we have here. In this instance, Boise Code Camp is the specific example on the table. What is Boise Code Camp, you may be wondering? Well, here…let’s let the organizers themselves tell you:   “This free-to-the-community event has become Boise’s premier software development technical […]

Announcing: Collabortank and “Game Changers: A Seminar for Entrepreneurs, Students, & Startups”

While Boise has been the hub for the startup community of Idaho, we have recognized a real need for a training program that meets entrepreneurs, students, and startups at a customized level to suite their development. Applications to the Collabortank program are open now, and anyone interested in creating a product or launching a company […]