Col·lab·or·tank (kəˌlabəˈrtaNGk) n. –

1. An ecosystem derived from the separate terms “collaboration” and “think tank”.

2. A business philosophy centered around collaboration between business people, entrepreneurs, educators, and the community with the goal of promoting productivity in the local startup environment by creating, inspiring, and motivating business leaders.

Collabortank is Boise’s preeminent training and startup launch program, helping aspiring entrepreneurs in the Treasure Valley build enduring companies. Collabortank’s express purpose is to affirm, equip, inspire, and grow those that may otherwise never start a business venture, create jobs, or realize the freedom of self-direction.


Starting a company is an arduous and potentially isolating journey, and the technology startup landscape is constantly evolving and changing. Collabortank aims to improve the rate of startup success by creating a local startup ecosystem that removes friction, drives awareness, and amplifies the efforts of local entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to create a co-space that inspires collaboration and learning for individuals in various disciplines—entrepreneurs, inventors, and students interested in becoming entrepreneurs. Our mission is to affirm, equip, and remove the roadblocks of complexity that so frequently prevent budding entrepreneurs from realizing the freedom of self-direction.


Great People + Expert Training + Access to Resources + Collaboration = Success


Great Companies Start with Great People

Many potential residents are turned away from incubators, accelerators and other publically funded programs. At Collabortank, we focus not only on established companies, but work to foster solo-entrepreneurs and also provide students with internship and real world experience. We work within this demographic to create collaboration between valuable local companies and individuals—truly helping to create jobs, encourage individuals, and grow companies within the community. We bring innovative thinkers, creative minds, and industry talent together to create successful partnerships.


Training and Mentorship Programs

Collabortank partners with world class marketing experts at Prodromos Marketing to bring forerunners in the tech startup industry to the Valley for coaching and mentorship programs. Prodromos Marketing has also developed a curriculum that is founded upon Silicon Valley Best Practices that will guide entrepreneurs toward success through continued education and structured training. Access to specialized information and personal relationships with experts creates, in turn, an expert community that is driven toward success. We strive to facilitate these community ties, foster trust, and encourage the flow of information within the Collabortank network.


Better Tools is Better Business

In addition to our structured training program, Collabortank also strives to bring entrepreneurs the tools they will need to make their business successful. Members of the Collabortank program will have access to a high performance sales team, consultations with an on-site attorney and CFO, access to institutions through continued partnership, and a dedicated Project Manager to facilitate and ensure profitable collaborative projects.



By engineering a regional tech cluster we can impact the trajectory and growth in the region, and also:

– Slow and even reverse the historic migration of tech talent and capital out of the region/state

– Locally grow successful tech companies to become amazing primary job creators

– Recycle the wealth that is created by re-investing in the region versus transferring wealth to other regions

– Create a more diversified and healthy economic base that includes tech entrepreneurs

This will not happen without the combined participation of the community and a collaborative movement by local entrepreneurs.

Through creating profitable opportunities, Collabortank participants will work in collaboration with one another to create a product that not only is marketable, but that will be the foundation for new business. We are dedicated to creating the leading ecosystem that will result in new startups in the area.

We are also dedicated to collaborating with existing incubators and co-working spaces in the Valley—such as the Boise State TECenter, Venture College at Boise State, the Watercooler, The Greenhouse, and Trailhead—to create the best opportunities for all entrepreneurs that are involved and dedicated to growing their business and the small business culture of the Boise region.

  • The Tank

    Solo-entrepreneur Collaborative Workspace.

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  • The Learning Lab

    Educational Based Programming.

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  • The Startup Pad

    Dedicated Space for Startup Acceleration.

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